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You'll find everything you need in the menu section at the top of the page, we've split the site into sections to make it a bit easier, the menus don't require scripting enabled on your browser as they are embedded with CSS, if the menu doesn't work with your browser you can still get to what you're looking for by simply clicking on the buttons.

Custom Software - Built around you

Custom bespoke software tailored to your needs, database applications specialists. Fast, reliable and a cost effective solution for consumers requiring simplicity with functionality.

We write everything in portable native assembly (PE), meaning there are no runtimes and no overhead. Software developed by us has been tested on multiple versions of Windows (Win95 or later), meaning true cross platform compatability which is future proofed.

Custom Webpage Design - You dream it, we build it

In addition to software we also offer web page design, including CSS (cascading style sheets), basic graphics and logos and server-side programming and debugging services (for customers using the Windows hosting framework). Make your webpages engaging and exciting with the latest visual styles.

If you can dream of your perfect website, we can build it, all you have to worry about is the content.

You can download a few free examples of our work by visiting the software section or by selecting 'Free Software' at any time from the software menu. New free software will be added as it becomes available, and ALL the software that you download here is developed by us, we do not distribute software for third parties, so you know it's 100% safe, no spyware guaranteed.